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Charity Cup

Charity Cup este o organizatie misionara in care participa multi tineri romani pentecostali si baptisti din bisericile d pe continentul American. Chiar acum, un astfel de grup se afla in Honduras. Iata unul din rapoartele lor:

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for not sending updates the last two days. We have been so busy and exhausted that I have not had any time to write an email!

The past two days have been absolutely amazing! On Monday we worked at a special school and center for children who have learning disabilities and problems because their mother's abused alcohol and drugs while they were preganant with them. These children are the "unwanted" ones in the town and no other school will accept them because of their behavioral problems. However, our entire team was shocked to see how well behaved, respectful and thankful they were to have us there. We also had our movie night at the local church in town and showed the Passion of the Christ.

Yesterday we returned to one of the villages we worked with on Sunday, Hiqaque. Our entire team fell in love with this village and the children. God truly broke our hearts for what breaks His. VBS played with the kids and Soccer had their soccer practice. We met many wonderful children and miss them dearly already. On our way out of Hiqauque we passed by a house for sale... we have been seriously praying and discussing about opening up a boys and girls club there. Although we may be dreaming big, we feel this very dear to our hearts and who knows, maybe the Lord will make this dream a reality. From Hiqaque we drove straight to La Ciellba; a town a hour away from Tela. We visited our driver's, Oscar, church. Although this was probably the smallest church I have been to, the spirit was everso present and we all felt God in such a special way. We felt God's presence and had an awesome time of worship. Clem invited the worship band to join us tonight at the Mens Rahab Center.

Today was also a very eventful day. Soccer and VBS visited the Garifuna village. We worked with a classroom of children and taught them about the crucifixcion and resurrection of Christ. We had tons of fun playing dodgeball and many other games with them. After lunch Soccer and VBS split up; the soccer tounrnament started today and the guys are still at the tournament now. VBS visited our friend's, Elisa, center for children with disabilities and played with the children that come for treatment there. After that we were suppose to go to another place and work with the kids but we were called and told that the our friend's father passed away last night and were asked if we can go to the funeral. We gladly accepted and joined the family in mourning. It is interesting to see how God uses us and sends us to the most random places, as though it may seem.

Please pray for the work that God is doing here. Every year we come we see more and more God's will for this country revealed. Please pray for our young translators from the American Institute of Tela. They have been coming with us every day and we have been able to form great friendships with them. They are lovely ladies who are longing for something greater and us girls have been able to minister to them. Also, pray for the soccer tournament tomorrow and for the carnival on Friday night. We have two busy days ahead of us, as we have also had these past two days. But God is awesome and has been using us in so many ways!

With much love in Christ,
The Honduras Team

Charity Cup HR
Life is short, Make it count!
Isaiah 43:2-6
"...since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life"

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