joi, 23 iulie 2009

Charity in Moldova

Am fost iarna trecuta cu ei ca sa pregatim aceasta misiune de vara. Imi pare rau ca nu sunt si acum cu ei ...

Daniel Branzai

Hello to everyone.

We arrived in Moldova several days ago, and 
although the border crossings where difficult and getting everyone 
to our base camp took longer than other years, we are blessed to say 
that we are here and everyone is safe and healthy.

We have been going through two days of training and church meetings. 
We are being fed spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be ready 
for all the challenges ahead. It has been a blessing to have a 
history making event. We are currently working with 4 churches here 
in Ungheni. The Pentecostal church is our base and main contact 
church, but three other churches have taken a very active role in 
our mission. We are working with the Baptist church, the Charismatic 
church and the Salvation Army church.

Just imagine the following for 
us in America. Think of your local town ( if u have multiple 
Romanian christian churches in your city), and imagine all those 
pastors offering to work together in your local town for 2 weeks to 
evangelize the local Romanians. For most of us it is a dream that 
can only be imagined.

To say the least, we have a great team. We are 
over 100 people here and we are gearing up to conquer the city for 

We would really appreciate your continued prayer and support.

recap all that we are doing, I will breakdown the projects,

Orphange camp: working with orphans and neglected kids

Girls of God camp: mentoring young women

Men of Valor: mentoring young men to be real men of God

VBS: daily summer evangelism for the kids

Med Clinic @ our base church including a pharmacy.

Med Home Visits to those that are to old or frail to come to our 

Social Home Visits to those that have large families or other social 

Construction team: this team goes along with the med home visit team 
and they look for major issues that they need to fix such as broken 
faucets, sink or other plumbing problems, filling holes in roofs for 
poor or elderly people, fixing gates , doors and windows to ensure 
safety and keeping the house warm in the winter.

Carnaval / Evangelism services:
We will be doing evening evangelism programs and carnavals including 
bounce houses and carnaval games.

Convoy of Hope: a organization from Holland has donated nearly 20 
tons of food. We will be having a large event this Saturday where we 
will be giving out food and aid to approx 3500 people. What an 
incredible opportunity to share with others.

I would ask for your prayers for the following things:

Team Unity

Revival for Moldova

Bringing the lost to Christ

The upcoming elections here in Moldova

Health and strenght to me effective in our work

I will include in another email some links to YouTube videos of our 

Be blessed and I look forward to sharing my experiences first hand 
with you when I get back


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