joi, 23 aprilie 2009

Americani in Romania


In this time of crises, confusion, and mistrust it is a great need to have Ambassadors of love and friendship. In March and April we welcomed in Beius, Romania, 5 wonderful teams (totaling 56 people) from America. Ambassadors for Christ!

US teams had great opportunities to build bridges with churches, public schools, colleges, Universities, children's groups, needy families, pastors, ethnic groups, politicians, government officials, and authorities.

The last, and largest, US team -34 people- came from Kenosha, WI. A great team from Christian Life School (CLF), WI. Together with interpreters, drivers, and cooks we had over 50 people every day.

Wonderful open doors! Here is a Photo show with CLF. Enjoy it!

Click here: Christian Life School in Romania, 2009

And come and visit us in Romania. With a... team!

Peter and Ana Lucaciu

Missionaries to Romania

Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission
PO Box 537 , Lake Bluff, IL 60044
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